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Rebel Software's
Customer Care Statement

We want you to peruse this web site with absolute peace of mind

With that in mind I wish to point out some facts...


It is our promise to you that any details we collect from you remain in the strictest confidence.
We do not collect information for third parties in any way whatsoever, and feel your right to privacy must be maintained at all times.

See Privacy Policy

A note about cookies....


At Rebel Software we pride ourselves with providing the highest level of customer service possible.
We will always respond to your service queries within the shortest possible time, Usually within 24 hours.

This applies to both paying and non paying customers.

All we request from you is detailed explanation of your problem(s), the more detail provided by you, the more likely your concern will be dealt with in the first e-mail correspondence.

I would like to point out that we are located in Australia, and this means some delays will be inevitable, purely due to time zone differences.
While many of you are partying, we are trying to sleep.

So please keep the noise down.

Software Delivery

We will endeavor at all times to ensure that you get what you pay for, or in the case of the free software and opponent what you don't pay for.
To this end we do not limit the number of times you can access this server or any of our mirror servers to download or re-download any software, which may be lost or corrupted.

Loss of Access Codes

Should you lose your access codes or they fail to function for any reason, we will replace them under our terms of service as stated above.

The only limitation to this statement is if you obtained the Access Codes by deception - fair is fair.

Software Registration

When you download some software from this location, It will open a registration page asking for some private information

I.e.: Name, date of birth, etc...

This information is used within the software to personalise it, No information is sent to our web site or any other web site, you can rest assured that the information is private. And does not leave your computer.

Computer Virus's

Software obtained from this site is Guaranteed Virus Free, Unfortunately not all software is, several people have complained that they get a virus message after downloading our software.

In EVERY case it appears they also downloaded another piece of software from another site at the same time, and mistakenly confused that software with ours.

This link takes you to information about that software and how to remove itclick here




Customer Care
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