rebel strip poker

How To Play Strip Poker

First things first

  • Your opponent will sell you pieces of clothing if she/he runs out of money.
  • If she/he can afford it your strip poker opponent will buy the clothing back.
  • You will also buy and sell your clothing depending on the state of your wallet.
  • The game continues as long as you have money in your wallet or clothing to sell, this means that even after you have sold your last piece of clothing, you can continue to play.
  • Some opponents will do more to continue the game, performing different tasks for money, even after they have lost their last piece of clothing!

The rules, this IS NOT how to play poker....

It is a basic description of Rebel Strip Poker™.

To deal, click the Deal Button, Five cards will be drawn.
Cards are shuffled at each deal
To bet, click a quick bet button, or type the amount of the bet in the bet field, and then click the bet button.

The pot will be adjusted and your opponent will place a bet.

To discard some or all of your cards, click on the Draw button, your bet will be adjusted (you must "See" your
opponents bet), then click on the card you wish to discard it will flip over, if you change your mind click on the
card again.
When you have selected all the cards you wish to discard, click on the Discard button, your discarded cards
will be replaced by new cards.
The Draw button will be replaced by the See button.
You can only see your opponent after drawing new cards (using the discard button), click on the See button, your bet will be adjusted to the amount required to match your opponents bet, and then your opponents cards will be displayed, and the pot
surrendered to the holder of the highest hand.

Either the you or your opponent can fold at anytime, thereby surrendering the pot, and losing the hand.

*Ace counts only as a high value not low or high as in Blackjack
Winning hands highest to lowest hand...

  1. Straight Flush
  2. Four of a Kind
  3. Full House
  4. Flush
  5. Straight
  6. Three of a Kind
  7. Two Pair
  8. Pair
  9. High Card

In the case of a draw, the highest card decides the winner.



Strip Poker: Play a card game of poker, stripping your clothes if you lose (all your money)
Deal: The dealer deals out five cards to each player
See: Requesting that your opponent shows their hand, to do this you must match their bet.
Bet: The amount you wish to place in the pot, if you opponent has bet before you this amount must match their amount
Raise: After placing the bet, you now "Raise the anti" you increase your bet, this is the amount your opponent must match to stay in the game.
Hand: In Rebel Strip Poker you are given 5 cards, this is your hand.
Discard: Pick the cards you no longer want and ask the dealer to replace them
Fold: Throw in you hand, you are not allowed to see what your opponent has, they automatically win
Wallet: This is the amount of money you have, also known as a purse

The pot is the money currently being wagered(bet) by all players

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